Who we are

We are a healthcare planning and management organisation. Our aim is to help provide access to quality and affordable healthcare services by encouraging health savings.

About Basuki Health Savings

Basuki Health Savings is a privately owned membership Health Savings scheme working to encourage healthy living, prevention of diseases and cure of ailments for all Nigerians. It is not a health Insurance company. Membership gives you access to some health care services and health/wellness information.


The economy of Nigeria presently, has negatively impacted the finances of so many families and has created a lot of medical problems, complications and death. It is therefore important that we all begin to put small money aside to secure our health and that of our loved ones. Research has shown that people dread hospital visits due to high cost of medication and that is why there is a need for a savings scheme to solve this problem. BASUKI HEALTHCARE LTD is providing you an opportunity to access affordable and credible health care through the Basuki Health Savings.

Savings Plan Option


₦30,000/ year

Family (4)

₦100,000/ year

Family (6)

₦150,000/ year


Above 6 persons ₦25,000/ person

• Primary and Secondary care
• Emergency Hospital admission for 24 hours only per visit.
• Basic laboratory test
• Essential drugs
• 10% discount for all excluded medical/surgical treatment.

The following medical conditions are excluded but can be managed ( if provided ) at a discounted rate.
1. Eye problems.
2. Dental problems.
3. Surgery.
4. Chronic medical conditions such as hypertension, Diabetes, Sickle Cell Diseases, Cancer, HIV/AIDS. Drug refill services are available for Hypertension and Diabetes.
5. Antenatal care.
6. Child Birth.
7. Treatment for Infertility.

1. Basuki Health Savings is not a Health Insurance.
2. Participation is voluntary and not transferable.
3. Payment is non- refundable
4. Basuki Health Savings reserves the right to accept or reject your participation
5. Participation can be suspended if a participant is dubious or violent.
6. Request for specific test/drugs/treatment will not be entertained. Every treatment protocol shall follow the recommendation of the consulting doctor.
7. You will be required to pay a discounted sum for services not covered.
8. All services are provided in partnership with Healthwise Hospital, Port Harcourt.


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